Pinpoint Socialism

Jobs Recovery will require Equities, Tools, and Land Reform By Greg Moses OpEdNews In a Friday morning appearance on Squawk Box at the Capitalism kNows Best Channel (CNBC) Warren Buffett promoted two things: a new cartoon where he plays himself as investor super hero–and equities. “I would much rather own equities at 9000 on the [...]

Whose Recovery: Swimming with the Investing Class

By Greg Moses OpEdNews / TheRagBlog / DissidentVoice Another less-bad week is in the making for corporate earnings, housing sales, and unemployment trends–perhaps less bad enough to say that corporate capital is on the mend–less bad enough to keep the markets from driving the price of all things down. But if the weekly rate of [...]

The Real Demand Crisis

By Greg Moses CounterPunch / DissidentVoice / TheRagBlog They tell us we’re experiencing a crisis of demand, but they have a backward idea of it. To turn the picture right side up, we begin with the biggest lesson from the financial sucker punch hitting workers of the world this year–human value comes from having real [...]

Three Dimensions of a Complete Stimulus Plan

Jubilee Vouchers, Works Progress, and Employer Tax Cuts By Greg Moses CounterPunch / DissidentVoice / TheRagBlog In a world where one class manufactures credit and the other class clings to hope, how bad can a debt economy be? Of course, we could have that long-awaited revolution where the hopeful class clobbers the lending class and [...]

Jobs First

By Greg Moses CounterPunch / DissidentVoice / TheRagBlog From a distance the Chinese mainland appears to be snorting through the global depression like a fire-breathing dragon. But a closer look at internet discourse reveals a giant in the throes of aftershock. When we hear tones of irritation from Chinese officials regarding “dollar problems” we could [...]

By George! Austin Leads USA Recovery

I was happy to read your article in CounterPunch where you explain and recommend the Georgist tax shift to land values. I just wanted to introduce myself, as former president of Council of Georgist Organizations and as UN Representative for the International Union for LVT. With funding from the UN Global Land Tool Network, the [...]

Mass Layoffs Hit Record Numbers

Texas — the second largest state — is mentioned three times by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in an April 23 press release on mass layoffs (of 50 workers or more): Texas is the state with the third highest number of unemployment claims resulting from layoffs in March (14,284), after California (38,130) and Illinois (18,096), [...]